Daikin 1.0 Ton Inverter 3 Star Split AC

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• Dew Clean Technology
• Triple Display
• Anti-Corrosion Treatment
• Cooling Capacity @ 43 Deg °C : 100%
• Air Throw 15 Meters, Cools at 52°C
• Variable Speed Inverter AC (Fully Automatic), 24°c Default Temp Setting, BIS Approved
• Powerful Air throw
• PM 2.5 filter, Econo Mode, 3D Airflow, COANDA airflow
• Brightness Intensity Controlling Setting Mode (IDU LED, Display)
• Stabilizer Inside (130 - 285 V) Operation
• Dry Mode Function, Good Sleep Timer, Super PCB, Backlit Operation
• Inner grooved Copper Condenser & Evaporator

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FTKL Series

Indoor Model No


Outdoor Model No



3.0 / Inverter - 3 Star

Power supply intake

Outdoor unit

Cooling Capacity Rated Full/Half (min~max)

kw 3.52 / 1.76 (1.07 ~ 3.7)

Cooling Capacity Rated Full/Half (min~max)

Btu/h 12,000 / 6,000 (3,650 ~ 12,620)

Cooling Capacity @ 43°C


Power consumption (Cooling) Rated Full/Half (min~max)

W 1,200 / 383 (210 ~ 1,200)

Annual Power Consumption

kWh 680.4

Voltage Range (Stabilizer Inside)

V 130 - 285

Power Supply

V 230, 50Hz

Operating Current - Cooling

A 5.43


PM 2.5 Filter

Self Diagnosis


Air Throw (Meters/Feets)

16 Meters / 52 Feet

Sleep Mode




Auto Restart


Wi-Fi Kit (Optional)

Voice controlled with Alexa & Google Home (Hindi & English), Mobile app control, it lets you control your AC from anywhere in the world.

Triple Display (on Indoor Unit)

IDU Display shows %age Power consumption, Temperature (Set & Room) and Auto Error code

Dew Clean Technology

The Dew Clean Technology in the Air Conditioners auto cleans the coil of Indoor Unit heat exchanger. In this function, condensate water volume is used to clean the indoor unit heat exchanger. After cleaning of Indoor Unit heat exchanger, the condensed water drains out the dust particles, bacteria, mold from the indoor unit colil. After completion, unit will automatically switch to driying operation to dry the heat exchanger.

R-32 Green Refrigerant

Zero Ozone depletion, Better cooling in high ambient tempearatures

Stabilizer Inside Operation

No worry on voltage fluctuation, Regulate voltage across a wide range of fluctuation (130 ~ 285V) smooth operations during voltage fluctuations

Good Sleep Off Timer

Assured comfortable sleep, Set temperature increases by 0.5° C in 30 minutes inverval.

3D Airflow

Uniform cooling at every corner, Its ensures steady air circulation to deliver even cooling and unmatched comfort.

Coanda Airflow

Even airflow distribution to every corner of the room, Optimise flap position of theindoor unit for radiant cooling

Dry Function

Automatic dehumidification, Enchanced comfort by reducing excessive humidity

Inner Grooved Pipe

Oscillator refrigerant motion, better heat dissipation, strengthening AC;s performance.

Advance Anti Corrosion

Durable parts for all regions, A special coating of Benzotriazole oil (BT Oil) is added to the copper coil to prevent corrosion.

Auto Error Code Display

Auto error detection in the remote, AC issues identification no longer require technician expertise.

Power Chill Operation

Fast cooling that normal mode, Immediate relief from hot temperature.

Indoor Unit



Matt Finish

Text Color



Pantone Silver


298 x 800 x 229

Indoor Net Weight

9.5 (Kg)

Airflow rate

Feet³/min (Cfm) 420

Airflow rate

m³/min (Cfm) 11.9

Moisture Removal

Liters/Hour 1

Sound Levels (H/MH/M/ML/L/SL)


Outdoor Unit


Dimensions (HxWxD)

mm 550 x 675 x 284

Outdoor Net Weight

21.5 (Kg)

Compressor Type

Swing Compressor



Breaker size


Piping Length - Charge-less


Piping Length - Max. length


Piping Length - Max. height


Piping Connection (Gas/Liquid)

mm 9.5/6.4 (inch) (3/8" ; 1/4")

Operating Ambient Temperature Range Cooling (Min ~ Max)

°CDB 20° ~ 52°


Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd

  • India

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