Panasonic 7.5 Kg 5 Star Built-In Heater Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F75A9RRB, Wine Red, Active Foam System)

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• Built In Heater Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: Affordable with Great Wash Quality, Easy to Use | Intensive Removal of Stains and Germs.
• Capacity: 7.5 kg | Suitable for Large Families | Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years on Product and 12 Years on Motor | 702 rpm: Higher Spin Speeds helps in Faster Drying.
• BEE Rating: 5 Star Rating | More Stars More Savings | Wash Programs: 10
• Also Included in the Box:1 Washer unit, 1 User Manual, 1 Warranty Card
• Built-In Heater: Intensive Removal of Stains and Germs| Active Foam System: Lifts Stains Away With Fine Foam.

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Panasonic Built-In Heater Washing Machine

Panasonic is building on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control, developing and manufacturing fine products and delivering them to customers worldwide. Our 70 years of washing machine manufacturing experience results in superior technology that is used in every Panasonic Washing Machine. In 2013, we topped the 100-million-unit mark in Washing Machines. Our washing machines are sold across the globe and their trustworthiness speaks for themselves.

Equipped with a Built-In Heater, the machine thoroughly removes Stubborn Dirt and Stains with Hot Water and a Scrub-Wash effect. The Built-In Heater maintains a high water temperature during washing to effectively wash off stains that are hard to remove with cold water.

*Japan No 1- Source Euromonitor International Limited;Consumer Appliance 2020 Edition; as per Consumer Appliances definitions; retail volume sales; 2019 data.

Our Technology is our Legacy


active foam

Water Reuse

Built-In Heater

Intensive Removal of Stains and Germs

The Heater is installed in the Outer Tub and the water is directly warmed up which gives effortless washing to remove Stains, Bacteria, Oil and Sebum. The Built-In Heater maintains a high water temperature during washing to effectively wash off stains that are hard to remove with cold water.

Active Foam System

Lifts Stains Away With Fine Foam

The Active Foam System creates fine, high-density foam before the washing cycle starts. The foam lifts, separates and removes dirt particles from deep within the fibers. Clothes get soaked along with the detergent. Foam sticks to the stains and soaks the dirt particles. Dirt is pulled out of the fine fibers and is washed away with the powerful flow of the water.

Water Reuse

Water Saving with Advanced Technology

With the Water Reuse Course, the wash program ends without the water for the final rinse being drained off. This remaining water can be used for the next wash for water savings of approx. 23%*.

* Calculated value does not include water absorbed by clothes.




5 Star Rating

More Stars More Savings

Higher the star rating, better the efficiency. 5 Star Rated machine ensures optimum utilization of resources and effective wash performance.

10 Wash Programs

Effortless daily Washing with Multiple Wash Programs

Panasonic Washing Machines are designed for performance, convenience and efficiency.The machines offer a variety of wash options and programs so that users can customize their wash according to their convenience.

Big Lint Filter

Easy to Remove Lint

Large capacity lint filter is Installed to ensure effortless cleaning. It can hold plenty of lint and hard-to-remove lint can be easily washed away with water easily.




Eco Aquabeat

Powerful Motor Generates Strong Water Beat Effect

Strong splashing water flow generated by the powerful motor thoroughly lifts and removes dirt from fibers, while tidal water agitation prevents it from reattaching to clothes.

Antibacterial Detergent Case

Space for Detergent and Fabric Softener

Ergonomically designed to ensure the right use of Detergent and Softener . Adding to the users convenience, a Antibacterial Detergent Case is installed with separate slots for detergent and softener to ensure optimal cleaning .

Sazanami Drum

Realizes Gentle Washing while Improving Spin Performance

Designed with dimple-shaped jets which effectively remove dirt and dust particles from dirty clothes while being gentle on clothes. This specific design gives a better high spin and dry cleaning & also avoids the clothes being caught and damaged in the drum.




Aqua Spin Rinse

28%* Water Saving With Shower Rinse

For the first rinse, a powerful shower over a wide area effectively washes away foam. Compared to the conventional way of rinsing by soaking, this achieves water saving of up to 28%.*

*Based on Internal test results on specific course.

Anti Tangling System

Easy To Take Out Clothes

The pulsator movement at the end of the wash cycle prevents tangling of clothes.

User-Friendly Design

Minimal Yet Sophisticated Design

Stylish design with sleek surface and eye-catching LCD provides a modern feeling that matches any kind of space.


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