Butterfly Spectra Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

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• Smart Lock Pan Stand for easy fitment
• Leak Proof SS Spill Tray
• High Thermal Efficiency Brass Burners
• Long Lasting Enamel Coated Pan Stand
• Ergonomically Designed ABS knobs
• Extra Durable Toughened Glass
• Flame Retardant Front Panel
• Heat Resistant Reinforced Polymer Legs
• 2 years Warranty

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Spectra 3B Glass Top Gas Oven — Redefining the Kitchen Experience

Bring home the Spectra 3B gas oven designed by Butterfly for a hassle-free experience in cooking. Cook multiple meals in this gas oven as the product offers you the choice of three gas burners. The sleek look of the burner adds a modern dimension to your kitchen, while also serving the purpose of fast cooking. The product has smart features which enhance both security and durability while delivering optimum performance.

Flame Retardant Panels

Now, you can stand near the oven and cook food for a longer period of time without feeling too hot as the panels are flame retardant. This innovative feature will surely aid you if you are cooking food items which require more hours.

Polymer Legs

The polymer legs are heat-resistant, which enhances product efficiency. Also, they are beautifully designed with an attractive color combination which adds to the smart look of the product.

Enamel Coating

Enamel-coated pan stands increase the longevity of the product. Since enamel is scratch-resistant and non-reactive, this quality comes in handy while cooking, enhancing its efficiency.

Heat-efficient Brass Burners

The premium quality brass burners have a high thermal efficiency which ensures optimum heat while cooking. The brass burners ensure equal distribution of heat which aids in proper cooking.

Stainless-steel Spill Trays

Stainless-steel spill trays ensure less chances of rusting. This unique feature serves both the function of efficiency and durability, while making the trays very easy to clean.

Durable Glass Top

The hardened glass tops adds a touch of modernity to the gas oven, while also increasing its durability. The glass top has non-breakable quality, addressing your fears of cracking while placing a heavy utensil over it.
  • Specially designed aluminium mixing tube
  • Ergonomically designed, unbreakable ABS knob
  • Flame retardant front panel
  • Extra thickness gas pipe with inner and outer coating top avoid rust formation and facilitate easy gas flow
  • Aluminium mixing tube with brass jet and brass gas cock
  • Available in 2 and 3 burners
  • Gas stove comes with pan support, spill tray, brass burners and manual book
  • Manufacturer/Supplier

    Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd No. 34, (2nd Floor), Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Egattur Village, Chennai – 600130

    • India

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